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Mamadou Fofana from France had been playing football in the lower leagues of France and England for a number of years. In 2018 he made the decision that he wanted to play in Asia before his career finished. As he had just turned 30 it was now or never and he got in touch with us at Football Asia through LinkedIn. He ended up signing for a team in the Oman

Football has returned but fans haven't as games are being played behind closed doors. The K League has been back for a few weeks now and the Bundesliga has just had its second weekend of football. As great as it has been to watch live football on TV there's something missing, FANS. The games just aren't the same without having fans watching in the stadiums.

Football has become a worldwide phenomenon and the most popular sport in the world. Therefore, the target of becoming a football player has become a popular choice even though it’s extremely hard to achieve. The journey to try to make it as a professional football player is one that many attempt, wanting to follow in the footpaths of their favourite football players.

Football is the most popular sport in the world and the profession of being a football player is highly desired by many. There is no doubt that it is a competitive industry. Generally the more appealing an industry is to work in, the harder it is to make it as there is so much competition. At the very top the amount of money that can be earned is very good which adds to the attraction